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Ditto Digital Pattern Projector

Paperless & customizable patterns to fit any body

Key features

  • Quick and Easy Set up and calibration
  • Efficient and Accurate Inclusive Pattern Projection System
  • Extensive Digital Sewing Pattern Library with Pattern customization capabilities
  • Made to Measure pattern capabilities with Quick Help guidelines
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Mobile app with How to videos & Tutorials
  • Sustainability

Customize Patterns to You!

It's quick and easy to fit to your exact measurements and use while eliminating tedious paper pinning and cutting. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3:

1 - Customize your pattern. Your selected style, with your measurements updated instantly.

2 - Launch the Ditto app. It's compatible with multiple devices and systems.

3 - Project, then cut. Ditto creates precise pattern lines ready to cut in seconds.

Call us to preorder yours today!

Product Details:

In the box you will receive a Ditto Projector, set up beam, 36x24 inch cutting mat, rotary cutter, fabric weights (4), pattern target stickers, power cord, and cord covers.

Workspace should be a flat area with a minimum width of 37 in x 25 in with the best possible Wi-Fi signal and a power outlet within 10 ft. Fits in any room with a flat ceiling and a height of 7.5 ft – 10 ft.

Patterns are available digitally through for individual purchase or subscription. New patterns are added every month!

You will need a tablet (recommended) or smartphone to connect to the Ditto app.


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