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Part 2: Basic Features, Screen Navigation, and Feet

In the second video of our Bernina Machine Training series with Caity, she walks you through all the basic features of your machine including how to raise and lower your feed dogs, how to use your Bernina Free Hand System, using your extension table, using your presser feet and dual feed, as well as how to use all the buttons and knobs on your machine and a tour of the icons and menus on the screen.


  • Machine Overview: 0:27
  • Raising and Lowering the Feed Dogs: 0:43
  • Using the Bernina Free Hand System: 1:00
  • Using your Extension Table: 1:39
  • Button and Knob Functions: 1:58
  • Navigating the Screen Icons: 4:57
  • Stitch Selection: 12:58
  • Home Button & Menus: 15:25
  • Help Guide: 18:23
  • Bernina Feet: 18:57
  • Putting on a Foot & Engaging the Dual Feed: 20:51
  • Final Note on Bernina Feet (Back Screw Feature) : 21:30
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