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Part 1: Threading, Bobbin Winding & Maintenance


This is the first video in our BERNINA Machine training series with Caity at Quilt Beginnings! In this video, Caity demonstrates on the BERNINA 790 the proper steps to thread your 4 series, 5 series, and 7 series machine, how to wind a bobbin, how to use the vertical spool pin to wind a bobbin without unthreading your machine, and some basic maintenance procedures (how to oil your machine and clean your thread catcher).


  • Threading your machine: 0:39
  • A note on threading a 4 series or 5 series: 6:17
  • Winding a bobbin: 6:51
  • Winding a bobbin with the vertical spool pin: 9:15
  • Placing a wound bobbin: 10:32
  • Machine Maintenance: 12:12
  • Oiling your machine: 12:56
  • Cleaning your thread catcher: 16:00
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