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Part 2: Basic Features, Navigation, and Settings

In this second video of our Baby Lock Machine Training series, Pam gives a thorough overview of the sewing component of your sewing only or sewing & embroidery machine! You'll learn how to navigate your utility stitch menu, your character and decorative stitch menu, as well as the basic screen icons and some of the on-screen sewing settings and functions. Machines covered: Solaris, Altair, Aerial, Crescendo, Aria.


  • Getting Started With Sewing: 0:21
  • Navigating Your Utility Stitches (on Solaris): 3:28
  • Navigating Your Utility Stitches (on Aerial or other machine): 6:44
  • Character & Decorative Stitches (on Solaris): 8:05
  • Character & Decorative Stitches (on Aerial or other machine): 10:41
  • Stitch Editing Options: 12:01
  • How to Drop your Feed Dogs:13:41
  • Main Screen Icon Functions (on Solaris): 14:23
  • Main Screen Icon Functions (on Aerial or other machine): 16:56
  • Note on Additional Icons: 17:49
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