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Free shipping on most orders over $150*

Part 1: Threading, Bobbin Winding, & Maintenance

This is our first Baby Lock machine training video with QB's Baby Lock enthusiast, Pam Churches! In this video, Pam walks you through the buttons on the machine, the steps to thread your Baby Lock Machine, how to use your NeverMiss needle threader, how to wind a bobbin, how to place a wound bobbin, basic sewing functions, and how to clean your machine. She shares plenty of good tips and insight along the way. Machines covered: Solaris, Altair, Meridian, Aerial, Pathfinder, Crescendo, Aria. 


  • Button Functions: 1:09
  • Threading Your Machine: 3:31
  • Needle Threading Troubleshooting: 7:19
  • Winding a Bobbin: 8:41
  • Bobbin Winding Troubleshooting: 11:44
  • Placing a Bobbin: 12:51
  • Sewing Basics: 14:03
  • Finding Your Stitches / Stitch Categories: 18:43
  • Screen Icons: 20:45
  • Cleaning Your Machine: 22:15
  • Putting the Throat Plate Back on: 26:00
  • Cleaning the Solaris: 28:10
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